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Founded in 2011, GPS began with the mission of providing top quality perishables and consolidation services to our customers throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry by hiring self motivated individuals that shine in our system driven by communication and teamwork. Character and integrity are the two qualities that EVERYONE must have here at GPS. We stress our logistics program in order to ensure maximum shelf life for our customers. We firmly believe that quality and customer service must come first!


In August of 2019 we moved into a new facility located in Miramar, Florida. The 67,130 square foot facility is complete with 60,000 square feet of fully racked, refrigerated and frozen space that was built for our style of business.

The chilled warehouse is divided into four different sections kept at specific temperature ranges in order to provide the best environment for a wide range of commodities. In order to maintain the integrity of the product, all of our dock spaces are refrigerated. The product comes off refrigerated trucks and is offloaded straight into our chilled facility. Refrigerated receiving docks help ensure that the cold chain is maintained from the truck, to our facility, to the transportation vessel, and finally, to you!


We aim to provide the best quality and widest array of perishable products to our customers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Our experienced team and trusted partnerships with growers, shippers, and distributors are what make this possible.

Our team has generations of knowledge in perishables procurement, commodity and supply chain management, warehouse coordination, logistics, and everything it takes to succeed in the produce industry. Our skilled team goes to work every day with the goal of creating the most efficient, yet simple process for our customers.


About US

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  • Consolidation

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  • Over 50,000 sq ft Refrigerated

  • Over 9,000 sq ft Frozen

  • Multiple Temperature Refrigerated Storage

  • Refrigerated Docks

  • Near Port of Everglades, Port of Miami, MIA and FTL.